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The Ganjasar monastery (Agdara District)

Karabakh’s cult Architecture (part 2)

The fortress planning was carried out in two stages. The foundation of the fortress was designed at the first stage, while during the second, the construction  was moved  from the relatively quiet  eastern  section  to the west which had...
The Agoglan Alban monastery (Lachin District)

Karabakh’s cult Architecture

The architectural heritage of Azerbaijan, including karabakh, has become one of the memory forms of its autochthons. Thanks to this the country’s architecture permanently expands the values society possesses as a social organism. Monuments...
Karabakh-agoglan monastery

Monasteries and Temples

The ancient land of Karabakh is as an important civilization center in Azerbaijan.There is a great amount of Azerbaijan monuments on the territory of Karabakh. These are fortress, mosques, monasteries and temples, caravansaries, bridges, baths...