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Annexation of Northern Azerbaijani khanates by Russia

How the Karabakh Khanate Was Joined to the Russian Empire: Historical Myths and Realities

With the arrival of Russia in Karabakh at the beginning of the 19th century, a new political situation arose.  The policy of Russia, directed toward the establishment of a social-ethnic base in the form of Armenians, led to the strengthening...

Karabakh within the Russian Empire. Elimination of the Karabakh khanate

At the end of XVIII- beginning of XIX cc. the political situation in Azerbaijan was very hard. On one hand, this was preconditioned by the socio-economic backwardness and feudal dissociation of the country, and on the other hand- aggression...
resettlement of armenians from persia and ottoman to north azerbaijan

Massive resettlement of the Armenians to Karabakh and other regions of North Azerbaijan

 XIX c. became the most important turning point in the ethnic history of Karabakh. Subordination and consequent elimination of the Karabakh khanate gave the Czarist government an opportunity to resettle Armenians in the territory of North Azerbaijan,...