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Fizuli district

Geographical situation
There are one town (Fizuli), settlements and 73 villiages

 Economic characteristics

The basis of the economy of the regon is agriculture, specialised in vine growing, vegetable growing, grain growing and cattle breeding. There was dairy , steel concrete plant, quarry,gin, vine and grain processing plants.
Fizuli town was occupied by armenian military troops on August 18, 1993. Now on the non-occupied 22 villiages about 50 thousand people live.

 Socio-economical conclusions of the occupation of Azerbaijan regions by armenian military forces

August 1993
(partially occupied)

 territory – 1386 sq.km

number of families – 22110
number of population – 98958 persons
female – 52561 persons
children – 36321 persons
number of murders – 669 persons
number of handicaps – 1450 persons
number of orphans – 155 persons

 villages and settlements – 77

dwelling houses – 15213
industrial and construction establishements – 33
service establishements – 786
schools – 117
health care centers – 43
cultural establishments – 166
farms – 50

The people of this land highly appreciate and revere the memory and legacy of the Greate Fizuli. There are a lot of historical and archeological monuments in the region such as the unique
karavanseray dated 1648, the the wonderful mausoleum and the remarcable mosque of Hadji Giyaseddin dated 1682. Three mausoleums – the Akhmedalilar mausoleum, the babids mausoleum and the Mirali mausoleum are the most interestins sights of the region.
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