5:37 am - Wednesday June 19, 2019

Armenia’s economy not allow it to improve its army

armenian army 300x199 Armenia’s economy not allow it to improve its armyArmenia’s current economic state does not allow it to improve its army.

The military exercises Armenia frequently holds in Uzundara area in Agdara aim to raise spirits and psychological state of Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh in pre-war period rather that to frighten Azerbaijani population in these areas.

The statement came from Faiq Ismayilov, chairman of the Organization for Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments.

These exercises pollute Azerbaijani lands with explosive devices and destroy archeological and architectural monuments. The Shahbulag barrows, Shahbulagh fortress, Garagaji cemetery and Asgaran castle have been subject to shells from heavy artillery, Ismayilov said.

Armenia’s current economic state does not allow it to improve its army. It even fails to rule it without foreign assistance, Ismayilov added.

‘The increased cases of violence, death, desertion in the Armenian army in recent years cause fear among civilian Armenian population of Karabakh. In general, Armenian citizens unequivocally refuse to serve in the army due to arbitrariness and other similar negative instances.’

In a bid to fight these negative instances, the Armenian government offers free education without exams in any higher educational institution of the country to every citizen who voluntarily joins the army, he noted.

‘It also guarantees to grant them an apartment and a job and a secure life in Karabakh. Even this policy does not help reduce tension around the army and increase the conscription calls. As a result, foreign citizens, in short, Russians make up 30% of soldiers and 70% of officers in the Armenian army.

Despite these problems, the Armenian government purchases modern weapons of Russian production from CIS states with the help of America and others, thus improving arms supply of troops stationed in Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia spends great part of financial assistance from abroad on armament and it already possesses modern antiaircraft units, helicopters, unmanned aircrafts and long-range missiles in Karabakh.’

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