8:49 pm - Monday June 1, 2020

Armenian army ‘penitentiary institution’ for people-Lyudmila Sargsyan

lyudmila sagisyan Armenian army penitentiary institution for people Lyudmila SargsyanArmenia is on the brink of war, but the people view the Armenian army as a penitentiary institution, Lyudmila Sargsyan, Chairwoman of the Social-Democratic Hnchakian Party, told journalists in Oct. 14.

“Instead of gaining military knowledge we have to deal with murders and suicides. And Minister Seyran Ohanyan claims he is reforming the army,” she added.

“Armenia’s incumbent authorities allow different diplomatic missions to behave in such a way that you get the impression that we are not an independent state. For example, the Russian diplomat’s behavior in the presence of [Secretary of Armenia’s National Security Council] Artur Baghdasaryan. Who is he to force us to open Russian-language schools? And we are ready to do their will! The people feel humiliated and think of whether they need such independence at all,” L. Sargsyan said.

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