2:40 pm - Tuesday January 22, 2019

Azerbaijan raises return of refugees at UN

karabakh issue at UN Azerbaijan raises return of refugees at UNAzerbaijan has raised at the UN the withdrawal of Armenian troops from its occupied territory and the return home of displaced persons.

Farid Jafarov, attaché at Azerbaijan’s Permanent Mission to the UN, addressed the 40th meeting of the UN General Assembly’s Social, Humanitarian Cultural Affairs Committee (known as the Third Committee) in New York during discussion about refugees, returnees and displaced persons and humanitarian issues.

He said that Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan had resulted in the occupation of almost one-fifth of the territory of Azerbaijan, and displaced approximately one in nine people in the country. Azerbaijan continues to suffer from one of the highest proportions of refugees and displaced persons in the world.

“The government has made a major effort to solve housing problems for the affected population, but still faces problems from the protracted conflict and, now that the emergency phase has passed, the international community does not pay much attention,” he said.

“The primary obligation upon Armenia is to ensure that the occupation of Azerbaijani territories is ended and that the various rights of the internally displaced persons of Azerbaijani ethnicity are recognized and exercise,” he said.

The Armenian representatives could not bring any strong arguments in response, simply pointing out Baku’s oil wealth, APA’s correspondent reported from New York.

Responding to the Armenian side, Farid Jafarov said that the government had used its oil revenues to improve the living conditions of refugees and internally displaced persons.

“Armenia needs to renounce its policy of hatred and work on restoring relations,” Jafarov said.

Resettlement policy

An Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman, meanwhile, has condemned Armenia’s policy of resettlement in the occupied territories. Elman Abdullayev said that the Armenian authorities’ continuing artificial and illegal settlement of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan ran counter to all norms and principles of international law.

“The expulsion of the Azerbaijani population from its ancestral lands and the policy of ethnic cleansing must be condemned by the international community, as this is disrespect for international law and all the values ​​that govern the system of international relations,” Abdullayev said.

He said that this Armenian policy should be the subject of serious discussions on the global stage.

“Attempts by the Armenian authorities to change the demographic situation unilaterally and illegally cause great damage to the negotiation process to resolve the conflict. The leadership of Armenia thereby once again demonstrates its destructive position, especially since the OSCE Minsk Group confirmed during frequent missions to the territories that the Armenians are resettling the occupied lands,” Abdullayev said.

A campaign “Armenia-3500″ has been launched to encourage 3,500 Armenians living in the West to move to live in Armenia or Nagorno-Karabakh.

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