2:39 pm - Tuesday January 22, 2019

Azerbaijan ranks first in world in growth rate of arms – SIPRI

In terms of growth of military spending, Azerbaijan holds the first place in the world, experts of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) say.

In the published report, the experts of this prestigious research center dealing with military issues summed up the total amount of funds expended in recent years in different countries for military purposes.

According to the SIPRI in 2011, the funds spent in the armed forces of the world mostly remained at the level of previous years. The Institute notes that due to budget cuts military spending worldwide in 2011 remained almost unchanged at 0.3%, changing the 11-year trend of continuous growth.

“In 2008-2011. Azerbaijan’s military spending, adjusted for inflation, rose by about 60%,” according to SIPRI experts. Besides, according to the Institute, in 2011 alone Azerbaijan’s military expenditures increased by 89%.

Armenia ranks tenth in the list, with 8% growth in 2008-2011.

Such an increase in military spending in the region occurs against the background of the continuing threat of renewed hostilities between the parties, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, the authors of the report say.

Among the leaders in the rate of growth of spending on arms are Cyprus, Poland, Norway, Russia, Malta and Turkey.


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