7:53 am - Tuesday October 16, 2018

No need for weapons displayed in Armenian military parade once they are not used

News.Az interviews Azad Isazade, Azerbaijani military expert.

azad isazade 300x225 No need for weapons displayed in Armenian military parade once they are not usedWhat are your comments on latest military statements made by the Armenian political and military leadership during a military parade in Yerevan?

First of all, one needs to understand that parade is a celebration for any country. And if wonderful toast and flattering expressions are made in honor of a bride and a groom at a wedding or in honor of a jubilee in celebration of anniversary, top government and military commanders are usually more pathetic in a parade. So, I have not heard anything surprising in statements of the Armenian president and other officials.

They said what they expected to do. Moreover, this is a country which is at a conflict and, naturally, they used this platform to send a message to a neighboring state (which also sends such messages). Secondly, I appreciate these remarks as a message to their public because the population is in stress.

There has been arms race in the region in recent years and Armenian population understands it very well that their country is losing in this race while it tries to compete with the help of civilian economy, that is, some social programs and so on. That is, this race primarily affects budgets of population.

By the way, the Armenian population is reducing day by day…

There is also serious demographic crisis which Armenian authorities fail to hide. This crisis affects all spheres of life including military. Armenia simply has not been able to provide the army with recruits over the last eight years, and maybe more. The conscription plan is not fulfilled. This situation has been observed from year to year.

So, it is one thing to gather well-trained soldiers for a parade and it is another thing to fill military units with rank and file soldiers. Besides, it does not make a sense to have a good weapon if there is no one to use it.

Even pro-Armenian media admit that even June military parade in Baku and the recent one in Yerevan clearly showed that Azerbaijan is ahead of Armenia for its military power to a great degree…

Definitely. Given that I am always far from groundless praise of the Azerbaijani army and always try to give an unbiased assessment of its battle readiness, its superiority in technical sense and in terms of preparation is obvious.

Azerbaijani army is now superior to Armenian army both technically and qualitatively. However, we must bear in mind that the Azerbaijani army faces a task of an offensive war to liberate its territory, and therefore it should enhance this superiority.

As you know, the attacking side should have superiority as much as five times and if combat operations are conducted in a mountainous terrain, then this advantage should be even greater.

That is why numerical or qualitative superiority is not enough, it should be even higher. In this case the negotiation process can produce pretty realistic results.

Even taking into account that Azerbaijan’s military budget already exceeds the entire budget of Armenia?

It is not just about money. Army is an unprofitable state institution that offers no benefits. And it is impossible to solve all the problems by money here. In addition to the budget, there are other aspects. Yes, demographic situation in Azerbaijan is so favorable that there no any conscription problems. There are even more recruits than it is necessary to replenish the Azerbaijani army in all kinds of armed forces. Technical equipment of our army, too, is much higher. But we can not stop at what has been achieved given the problems facing our country.

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