8:20 pm - Monday June 1, 2020

Russia starts exporting 24 Mi-35M combat helicopters to Azerbaijan

mi 35m 300x183 Russia starts exporting 24 Mi 35M combat helicopters to AzerbaijanRussian “Rosveltor” Joint-Stock Company will start exporting “Mi-35M” helicopters to Azerbaijan in the next few days.

APA reports that the two helicopters are prepared in the airdrome of Rosvertol’s plant in Rostov-on-Don city for sending to Azerbaijan.

24 “Mi-35M” helicopters will be sent to Baku in accordance with a deal signed on September, 2010 between “Rosoboronexport” and Azerbaijan’s corresponding organization.

“Mi-35” helicopters are modernized version of “Mi-24” helicopters which are considered for destruction of armoured vehicles. These helicopters are also implemented in airlift delivery and evacuation of wounded and providing fire air support. These helicopters now have Russian-made NVGs, a new countermeasures system, Garmin GPS 115 with VPS-200 interface, and a turret-mounted IRTV-445MGH thermal imaging system.

8 9M114 cumulative warhead “Shturm-V” anti-tank missiles, 80mm S-8, 240mm S-24 missiles, 12,7-mm machine-gun 9-A-629 or 2 7,62-mm machine-guns 9-A-622 or 30-mm grenade launcher 9-A-800 and 50-500kg weight various bombs are included in the helicopter’s armament.

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