7:06 pm - Saturday August 8, 2020

MFA:opening of the airport in Khojaly is illegal

XIN MFA:opening of the airport in Khojaly is illegalOpening of the airport in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan  is illegal step, and does damage to the negotiation process for the peaceful resolution of the Karabakh conflict, said on Tuesday  Elman Abdullayev,  spokesman of the  Azerbaijani  Foreign Ministry, commenting on the opening of  airport  by  the Karabakh separatists  in the Khojaly city.

 In this connection  the official Baku calls on international community to respond adequately to  the attempt  of authorities to open  an airport in the occupied territories, he said.

“The international community should not take a contemplative position towards  open  disregard for international law,”  said Abdullayev.

Such provocative actions of the Armenian side testify  lack of political will of official Yerevan to resolve the conflict and seeks to maintain the status quo.

Abdullayev also said that the attempts of the Armenian side to establish air  communication  over the occupied territory of Azerbaijan, is contrary to international conventions in the field of civil aviation, and in particular the Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation and rules ICAO.


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