12:43 pm - Tuesday June 2, 2020

Nineteen years pass since Kalbajar occupation

The Kelbadjarians are taking leave 300x198 Nineteen years pass since Kalbajar occupationNineteen years have passed since the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Kalbajar region.

As a result, 511 people died, and 321 went on missing and captured. The territory made up 1,936 square meters. Some 55 soldiers were killed during the fights. About 132 settlements passed under the control of Armenians. The occupier destroyed more than 500 industrial, construction, catering and retail facilities, 97 schools and 76 health facilities. 53,340 residents of the Kalbajar region become IDPs.

Kalbajar‘s residents, who live with a sense of homesickness, never forget about those terrible days.

Following the region’s occupation, the U.N. Security Council adopted a resolution 822 demanding the immediate release of the region and other occupied areas of Azerbaijan. Armenia has not fulfilled the resolution.


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