12:03 am - Friday April 20, 2018

Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the UN responded to another provocation by Armenia

Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the UN Agshin Mehdiyev addressed a letter to the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, told Trend in the permanent representation.

In his letter, Mehdiyev responded to the letter the representative of Armenia, which was set forth, “calling on the form and content of an attempt to respond to a letter dated February 17, 2012 in connection with the twentieth anniversary of the massacre in the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly by Armenian armed forces of residents.”

“Obviously, as the letter itself the permanent representative of Armenia, as well as the content of its applications are another example of blatant fraud, with which the Armenian side is trying to deny his guilt and responsibility for the aggression in the course of its crimes against peace and humanity,” – said in a letter.

In his message, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to the UN says that in his comments, the Permanent Representative of Armenia in silence, not only the many eyewitness accounts of the tragedy and the results of independent investigations by foreign journalists, human rights and authoritative international non-governmental organizations, but also the public recognition of the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, citing an excerpt from his interview with British journalist Thomas de Waal.

“It is worth noting not only the cynicism with which the President of Armenia spoke about the mass murder of any innocent people, but the obvious gaps in education, not venial to the person obliged by their official position clear about the limits of their decisions and actions” – the letter says.

Mehdiyev stressed that the massacre in Khojaly and other grave crimes committed against Azerbaijanis in the conflict, finally dispel the myth, in which Armenia is portrayed as the eternal victim.

“We are convinced that the successive measures taken at national level, as well as the current legal framework for prosecution and punishment for the most serious crimes of concern to the international community to help end impunity for crimes committed during the aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan , “- emphasizes envoy in his letter.


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