2:35 am - Saturday September 26, 2020

Russian press: “Azerbaijani regions under Armenian occupation bring back empty desert”

“Azerbaijani former Aghdam town was well known for its port wine in the Soviet Union. Now Aghdam is actually “the former town”.

KarabakhAghdamresult of Armenian military aggression 300x200  Russian press: “Azerbaijani regions under Armenian occupation bring back empty desert”

Not only the port wine became a history, but whole town does not exist at all”, said Anton Krivenyuk in his article “The Caucasian Dead Towns”, which was published by the “Segodnya.ru” site, APA reports.

He reminded that Aghdam was turned into real ruins. “There are only few trucks rarely passing among the empty and ruined houses. Residents of nearby Nagorno Karabakh regions are busy only with the carrying of construction materials of ruined houses. Aghdam was at the center of the bloody Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. Following the end of war in 1994, the town went over Armenian control and is empty since then. Azerbaijanis, majority of Aghdam population had to leave the ruined town”. The author reminded that Aghdam was not a legal part of Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Region even in the USSR time. “In fact Aghdam was not a legal part of Nagorno-Karabakh’s territory even in the Soviet time. It is one of the seven nearby regions occupied by Armenia and still is under the Armenian occupation”. Anton Krivenyuk said only the town’s mosque rescued in the empty Aghdam. “View of the uninhabited Agdham is completed only by the town’s mosque in the center. It is only building rescued in the town.

Armenians have not destroyed this mosque intentionally, using their singular method to show a religious tolerance. There is a ruined Azerbaijani cemetery near the mosque. There is no man to visit the mosque, as no man to be buried here”, the author said. The author noted that all seven occupied regions of Azerbaijan by Armenian Armed Forces resembled the desert.

“All seven regions resemble the desert. We can come across the rests of the some of the villages here. There is no need to settle down here, but the soil is very productive. Nagorno Karabakh Armenians come here to cultivate the soil. All gardens and plantings are in good condition”, the author said. The author added that there was divergence of opinion on the returning of the lands in Armenia.

“Some of them consider that there is no need to return the lands and Armenians should settle down here. They do not think about the return of Lachin Region to Azerbaijan neither in Armenia nor in Nagorno-Karabakh. Lachin connects the way between Nagorno Karabakh and neighboring regions”, the author noted.

“There is another city that pretended to receive town status in Nagorno Karabakh. This is Shusha, whish is situated in 15-minute distance from Khankandi. Shusha is a historical and cultural city. Shusha was once the capital of khanate. Shuha amazes the human with its monuments and architecture at present. Shusha had once 20,000 people, but now there live only 3,000 people. Most of them are Armenian refugees from various regions of Azerbaijan locating here after the war. Most of the people were Azerbaijanis during USSR period. The refugees are locating in their houses at present. The population lives in poverty here”, the author said.



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