2:22 am - Saturday April 20, 2019

Sargsyan’s statement shows Armenia is violent aggressor – MP

Ali Ahmadov 300x225 Sargsyans statement shows Armenia is violent aggressor   MP‘The Armenian economy is collapsing and the populating is leaving the country’, said MP Ali Ahmadov.

The senseless statement by Serzh Sargsyan claiming that Nagorno-Karabakh will never become part of Azerbaijan again points to weakened position of Armenia in negotiating process.

The statement came from Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party Ali Ahmadov.

The world is changing and everyone can witness this. One of the parameters of the changing world is that today the whole world strongly opposes aggression and occupation, the NAP official said.

‘We see this clearly. On the other hand, the importance of Azerbaijan is growing day by day in the world. Similarly, the credibility of our country in Europe has increased to a great degree. All these boost Azerbaijan’s standing in the Nagorno-Karabakh negotiating process and weaken Armenia’s position. Sargsyan seeks to compensate this loss by similar statements.

The Armenian economy is collapsing and the populating is leaving the country. Armenia ostensibly held a military parade a few days ago. But this event showed that Armenia’s army is not its own. The occupier state has lost its economy long ago and now it is owned by another state. The so-called “parade” showed that Armenia’s army and its weapons do not belong to it. In this case, Sargsyan’s statement shows that Armenia is a violent aggressor,’ the NAP deputy chairman noted.

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