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How much does “Hermes” cost?

hermes450 300x171 How much does Hermes cost? The situation around the unmanned reconnaissance plane downed (crashed) in Karabakh remains unclear. Neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan have presented serious evidences, supporting  their versions of what happened (in the first case, the plane belonged to  Azerbaijan, and the second version it  did not belong to Azerbaijan.)

According to the Armenian version, in Karabakh  they are watching the flights of Azerbaijani drones for a long time, and eventually found a way to neutralize  them. It  was only reported  that the plane was shot down by a mobile  system produced by  the Armenian military-industrial complex.

It is difficult to say what lies behind this. However,  the information about the aircraft was published with  two days delay. First the Armenian media wrote about it on September 14, indicating that the plane was shot down “this morning.” But later it was reported that the drone shot down  on September 12 at 7:30 am. Why Armenians do were silent for two days?

If you believe the claims of our neighbour, their defence forces worked flawlessly  and confidently control the airspace over Karabakh and the occupied territories. In this case, they should immediately detect not only the drone, but a place  from where it  was launched. The range of this model (Hermes 450)  is only 200 km., and the defense systems in Karabakh had to fix it  advance. Therefore,  it is not clear what the Armenians thought  about  within two days.

According to  the Azerbaijani side, the drone does not belong to Azerbaijan,  then  whose is it?

While acknowledging the crash, the military department of Azerbaijan should give a clear answer – where did the drone fly to Azerbaijan? Otherwise, we must admit that the Air Force and Air Defence of Azerbaijan eat their bread for nothing,  if UFOs are flying in the front line.

The version  that the plane could belong to a third party (Iran) is unconvincing.

The radius of the flight of the  vehicle does not  allow suggesting that  it could fly from Russia or Turkey.

As for the other characteristics of the aircraft, it is quite expensive. Thus, the drone  produced by  the Israeli company Elbit Systems costs approximately $ 2 million, but if it  was bought with ground-based systems, correcting the flight, then it costs  $ 10 million.

The speed of Hermes  is 130 – 176 km / h, the flight radius  is 200 miles,  and the duration of the flight is 14 hours. The plane is very fairly big – 10.5 meters in wingspan and  weight  is 450 kg.

Depending on the modification, the aircraft may have one or two engines of 52 or 70 horsepower.

The aircraft has a multi-purpose mission:  for exploration, and air strikes against missiles. Most often it is used for surveillance, patrolling, and supporting communications in the field.

Hermes is made of composite materials, making it difficult to detect by means of air defense.

The autopilot operates completely autonomously, using receiver GPS. There are two navigational computers, two sets of communication equipment and others.

GPS allows automatically taking off and landing.

The unit is equipped with electro-optical, infra-red and laser sensors, as well as data exchange system, which can transmit the image in real time regime to the  ground control points.

In some cases, “Hermes” can carry rockets “air-land” for the “point” strike on moving and stationary objects.

In particular, many of the leaders of Palestinian militants were killed by Israelis with the help of this machine.

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