7:34 am - Monday June 17, 2019

Turkey opens defense industry office in Azerbaijan

murad bayar 300x207 Turkey opens defense industry office in AzerbaijanTurkey is planning to open the Defense Industry office in Baku, Turkish Defense Industry Secretary Murat Bayar told exclusively APA.

Bayar hasn’t showed any concrete date but noted that the opening will take place in the near future.

“In reality, we see Baku as a part of our country and our companies have offices there. I would like to say that the opening of the office is not an urgent project for us. This project will be implemented in due time” – added Bayar.

Bayar said that the office in Baku will be a regional center for the South Caucasus, including Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as all Turkic-speaking republics of the Central Asia.

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