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Ruins of Aghdam, after Armenian military occupation

Damages to industrial, housing and social objects

The decree concerning the development of productive forces in the mountainous regions, including Nagorny Karabakh autonomous area was passed before the beginning Nagorny Karabakh conflict. There were intensive construction works going on in...
Aghdam  – small Hiroshima

Aghdam – small Hiroshima

Azerbaijani town Aghdam before and after Armenian occupation.
Ruins of Aghdam, after Armenian military occupation

Russian press: “Azerbaijani regions under Armenian occupation bring back empty desert”

“Azerbaijani former Aghdam town was well known for its port wine in the Soviet Union. Now Aghdam is actually “the former town”. Not only the port wine became a history, but whole town does not exist at all”, said Anton Krivenyuk...
Consequenses of Armenian military aggression against Azerbaijan, Karabakh - Shusha

Armenian misconduct in the occupied territories

The conversations with Azerbaijan citizens, returned from the Armenian captivity, in the State Commission on prisoners of war, hostages and missings revealed that vandalism acts were committed by Armenians in the occupied Nagorny Karabakh and...