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20 years passed since military occupation of Lachin town by Armenian armed forces

Today Azerbaijan marks the 20th anniversary of the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Lachin region by Armenia. On May 18, 1992, the Armenian occupiers destroyed hundreds of cultural facilities, tens of settlements, villages and historical monuments....
Turkey worries about occupation of Azerbaijani territory

MP: Turkey worries about occupation of Azerbaijani territory

After Azerbaijan gained its independence, Turkey worries about the occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory, member of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Haluk Ipek said at an international conference in Baku on Friday. “The...
Brief information about Karabakh and Nagorno Karabakh conflict

Brief information about Karabakh and Nagorno Karabakh conflict

Consequences of Armenian armed occupation of Shusha, destruction of private property as well as cultural heritage

Material and moral damages to Azerbaijani culture as a result of Armenian occupation.

The military forces of Armenia, raised unfounded territorial claims against the Azerbaijan Republic in early 1990s, and broking international norms, occupied 20 percent of the territory of our country that was officially recognized by the UN...

Armenia’s illegal activity in the occupied territories

Armenia and separatists develop their activity on occupied territories in the following directions: I. Efforts to introduce a separatist-terrorist regime as an independent state The separatist regime of Nagorny Karabakh took the advantage of...

Newly-approved Military Doctrine Reaffirms Baku’s Right to Use Force to Liberate Occupied Territories

Six years after Baku began work on a military doctrine and three years after its National Security Doctrine required the elaboration of such a document but at a time when talks about the Karabakh conflict appear to have entered yet another lull,...
Consequenses of Armenian military aggression against Azerbaijan, Karabakh - Shusha

Armenian misconduct in the occupied territories

The conversations with Azerbaijan citizens, returned from the Armenian captivity, in the State Commission on prisoners of war, hostages and missings revealed that vandalism acts were committed by Armenians in the occupied Nagorny Karabakh and...