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Three-years-old boy Shovgi Aliyev was taken hostage at the time of occupation of Agdam region on July 24, 1993  Armenian doctors in Khankendi removed his humerus crippling him for the rest of his life

Expatriation and individual testimonies

Testimonies of the displaced persons recalling the Armenian brutalities in the occupied territory of Azerbaijan: On April 18, 1994, Binnal Akhmedov, resident of the village of Bashlybeli in the Kelbajar district, saw three Armenian soldiers...

Nagorno Karabakh conflict and mass human rights violation (part 2)

A number of Russian and western newspapers and magazines wrote about crimes of Armenian aggressors from the 1-th till the 16-th of March 1992. Among them are: «Sunday Times», «Times», «Guardian», «Financial Times», «Le Monde», «Le...