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About Us

Who we are

Karabakh.org is independent nonprofit community aimed to increase public awareness about Karabakh and Nagorno-Karabakh conflict providing wide range scholarly information reflecting various aspects of Karabakh, the region of Azerbaijan.

About website (project)

There are currently over 400 articles, hundreds of images and several video sets available from trustworthy sources including official government reports, statements, research articles, analysis from reputable institutions and independent researchers including our own articles as well as  daily updated news from local and international media sources.

Some of the information presented on Karabakh.org website is already available in various online and printed resources, but Karabakh.org brings it together in one website. Making information easily available means it will be easier for people to reach this information.

Your contribution

There are a number of ways of getting involved in the project, depending on your background or interest. Currently we are looking for:

  • Translators
  • Proof readers
  • Editors

Alternatively you can submit related information which is not presented on our website by emailing to editor@karabakh.org. Information can be text, image, video and audio files. If it is not your own work please make sure to follow all copyrights requirements of original source.

Alternatively you can involve in the project by making donation. Your financial support will help us to expand our website in many ways and continue to grow, thus increase public awareness about Karabakh realities.

Project contributors

In addition to the core team, this project is being supported by a number of NGOs, independent researchers and voluntaries involved in our project. These include: Azerbaijan Lawyers’ Confederation, Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union and many others.

Contact Us

There are a few ways to get contact with us: Email: Contact page, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.