Jabrayil District

Geographical Situation The region is situated on the south-east of the Greater Caucasus. The region borders on the Iran Islamic Republic in

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Lachin district

The word “lachin” means “falcon”. You can see falcons flying on the summits of the mountains surrounding Lachin. The majestic birds add

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Gubadly district

Geographical situation The region is situated in the south-west of Karabakh upland. There are 95 populated points on its terrotory. Economic characteristic

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Kalbajar district

Geographical situation. Kalbajar is the highest mountain region of the republic, where the highest point is Garnish – 3724m. The main part

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Aghdam district

Geographical situation  The relief is basically composed of plains, rarely low plateau. The Karabakh plateau occupying the main part of the region

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