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Zangilan district

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Geographical situation

The region is situated on the south-west part of the republic, within the low boders of mountainous. There are the deposits of molybdenum, gold, granite. The region has been occupied by armenian military troops since 1993.

 Economic characteristics.

An agricultial sector represented by grain growing, cultivation of tobacco, potatoes growing, fruit-farming. The enterprices of processing industry – wine making, canneries are function here.

 Socio-economical conclusions of the occupation of Azerbaijan regions by armenian military forces
territory – 707

number of families – 8640
number of population – 34924 persons
female – 17950 persons
children – 12800 persons
number of murders – 490 persons
number of handicaps – 345 persons
number of orphans – 395 persons

villages and settlements – 93
dwelling houses – 5779

industrial and construction establishements – 15
schools – 86
health care centers – 15
cultural establishments – 279
farms – 29

 Plane-tree is the symbol of Zangilan. This proud and beautiful tree has been under the protection of men from time immemorial. There have been created the Basutchay National reserve in the region just because of the plane-tree groves. But this land is famous not only for its nature. There are also very interesting archeological sights in Zangilan such as the towers of the VI-th century in settlements Bartaz and Kechikli. But now this region is occupied and its people became refugees. The children of camp towns and temporary refuges can only tell you about their dreams and hopes that these dreams will come true.
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