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Gubadly district

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Geographical situation

The region is situated in the south-west of Karabakh upland. There are 95 populated points on its terrotory.

Economic characteristic

The basis of the economy of the region is agriculture comprisng grain growing, vine-growing, cultivation of tobacco, cattle-breeding, silkworm breeding. Industrial enterprises comprise dairy, vine processing plants, sewing factory. The region has been occuped by armenian military troops since 1993.

 Socio-economical conclusions of the occupation of Azerbaijan regions by armenian military forces

territory – 802
number of families – 8331
number of population – 30678 persons
female – 16260 persons
children – 12080 persons
number of murders – 80 persons
number of handicaps – 722 persons
number of orphans – 435 persons


 villages and settlements – 95

dwelling houses – 6999
industrial and construction establishements – 15
service establishements – 291
schools – 78
health care centers – 13
cultural establishments – 285

The bridges of Gubadii are very beautiful like their names – Lalazar, Hadjibadal. They connect the banks of the mountainous rivers. There are a lot of interesting histirical sights in the region such as the sacred caves in the Kavur gorge, the tower of the V-th century in Muradkhanii village, two mausoleums of Damirchilar settlement, the Geygala tower near Aliushagi village. But the people of this land cannot feast their eyes on the beauty of nature and breath the fresh air of the Pirdag mountain any more. They were driven out by the armenian agressors and they took refuge in the temporary camp towns. These refugees are the mountainous people and they cannot live on the plains. But they are ready to suffer privations and hardship because they believe that the day of the deliverance is coming soon.
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