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Kalbajar district

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Geographical situation.

Kalbajar is the highest mountain region of the republic, where the highest point is Garnish – 3724m. The main part of the region is covered by forests. There are 200 mineral springs on the territoty of the region. There are 132 populated points in the region. The region was occuped by armenian military troops in 1993.

 Ecomonic characteristics.

The basis of the economy of the region is agriculture which is specialised in cattle-breeding and grain growing.
At the heigt more than 3 thousand meters on Aychmgilli and Penchingil mountains you can see the unique pet-rographers which receipted name of Kalbajar rock paintings .They was related to the Bronze Ages. Riches of theme,original topics and art value of these pictures which are cut on the basalt rocks attract attention of explorers here Not far from here was discovered one of the ancient stands of man.
This land is famous for its mineral wateis,natural resources and woods. Kalbajar was occupied by Armenian military troops on April, 1993.

Socio-economical conclusions of the occupation of Azerbaijan regions by armenian military forces

territory – 3054
number of families – 14780
number of population – 60698 persons
female – 31363 persons
children – 24279 persons
number of murders – 458 persons
number of handicaps – 510 persons
number of orphans – 734 persons


villages and settlements – 150
dwelling houses – 11130
industrial and construction establishements – 8
service establishments – 383
schools – 97
health care centers – 120
cultural establishments – 318
farms – 54
museum – 1
sanatorium -1
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