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azykh cave in Karabakh

Karabakh during the dawn of civilization

Karabakh region was the most ancient place of stay of the human being in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Uzerliktapa – the most ancient city type settlement in the territory of the Caucasus also situated here Karabakh is a historical...

Ancient population of Karabakh

In I Millennium BC such tribes, as Gargars, Utis, Saks, Sodes, which along with other tribes constituted the Albanian tribe union, lived in the territory of the present-day Karabakh… Talking about the ethnic belonging of the most...
Karabakh within Caucasian Albania

Albania and the «Greater Armenia»

Beginning from II c. BC Armenian state that emerged in Upper Euphrates carried out invasive wars against the neighboring countries. Western regions of Albania also underwent Armenian invasion for the period of II-I cc. BC… As mentioned...