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Karabakh musicians

General Information

Karabakh has historically developed as one of the biggest cultural centers of Azerbaijan. Among the prominent representatives of science and culture, who lived in the medieval period in Karabakh were Seyid Amir Berdayi, Abubekr Berdayi, classic...
Culture of Karabakh, famous commanders

Famous commanders

Farhad bey of Karabakh Karabakh gave Azerbaijan many prominent commanders. During Russo-Ottoman ws in 1828-1829 first Azeri regiments were organized within the Russian Army. This was initiated by count Paskevich, the Russian commander-in-chief...
Culture of Karabakh, famous writers and poets

Famous poets and writers

Molla Panah Vagif (1717-1797) Vagif occupies a prominent place in the history of Azerbaijan due to his literary and political activities. He was a great poet, the founder of new realism genre in the Azerbaijanian poetry and also a prominent...
Culture of Karabakh, famous musicians

Famous musicians

Those, who created the musical heritage of Azerbaijan and won the «Conservatoire of the Caucasus» title for Karabakh. Uzeyir bey Hajibeyov (1885-1948) Abdulhusein bey of Shusha sent her pregnant wife Shirin khanim to Aghjabedi in Lowland Karabakh....