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List of Russian military techniques and property stationed in military base in Armenia

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Most of Russian military equipment and arms removed from Georgian military base did not leave South Caucasus. A large amount of these weapons and military equipment was given to the balance of the 102ndRussian division deployed in Gumru city of Armenia.

According to the list gained by the APA, this armament includes the following fighting vehicles: 9 “T-72” tanks, 5 “APC-60” (armoured personnel carrier), 11 “APC -70”, 21 “APV -2”, 16 “IFV -2” (infantry fighting vehicle), 7 “FIV-1k”, 3 “ARV-2” and 8 “IFV-1ksh” among the military hardware sent to Armenia. Besides, artillery equipment as “Strela-1M” (3 units), “Strela-2” (40), “Strela-2M” (120), “Strela-10M” (4) antiaircraft gun complexes, 98 units of “9M35” for these complexes, 90 “9M37”, 109 “9K31”, 210 “9M39” rackets were sent from the military base in Georgia to the 102nd

Military division. There are also 9 Grad units, 1240 missiles for these units, 2 “Uragan” instalations and 572 missiles for them. 4 tons of “APM-6M”, 11 tons of “PMN”, 3  tons of “SMAP-2M”, 20 tons of “MBM-72”, 7 tons of “DFW-50”, 16 tons of “TM-62M” and “TM-57” mines, 245 ton of bullets for different arms, 35 tons of “F-1”, “RQD-5” and “RQ-42”, 2555 “RKQ” hand grenades were transported to the base in Armenia. Generally, Russia sent to the 102nd Armenia-based division 170 units of military techniques, different equipment and arms. The list doesn’t include the last echelon of equipment removed from Batumi of Georgia to RF 12 military base in Armenia. We must note that Russia officially ended the disbandment of its military bases in Georgia on November 15, 2007.
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