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The developments of March-April 1918 on the Azerbaijan territory

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With wild shouts: «Kill, kill dammed Turks» they pursued after people about the whole city…

…The confession of one of the «heroes of the unconquerable» dashnak detachment of Andranik: «I have annihilated the Tatar (read Azerbaijan – A.M.) population in Basar-Kechar (it is former Azerbaijan region) indiscriminately. The best means against these dogs – to gather all still alive, to fill wells with them and from above to press by heavy stones until they die. I have done like that: I have gathered all men, women and children and put an end to their life, casting stones at the wells where they had been thrown…»

A. Lalayan, «The Revolutionary East», No 2-3, 1936

From the eye-witnesses’ accounts: «Since early morning the dashnak detachments, who have already become a skilled hand at murdering in neighboring villages, burst into Baku. People hid themselves in houses and cellars. With wild shouts: «Kill, kill dammed Turks» they pursued after people about the whole city. People were dragged out of houses, cellars and killed by shooting, flows with sabres and lances. They broke the doors and gales, disemboweled pregnant women, groups of 10-15 persons raped young women juvenile girls and old women. Everything has been done before eyes of nearly mad men.

Then they gather people in a house, pour kerosene on it and set on fire first having collected all the jewelry. It lasted for a month. It is unbearable to describe the pictures of massacre and terror. Baku was in the power of people who had nothing human in them.

In such a way, with unbelievable cynicism the Azerbaijan nation was being annihilated.

The Armenian bandits killed men not at once, they lied them by feet head first and cut by sabres like carcass in a slaughter-house. The others were tied to the wooden beds, wrapped in carpets and set on fire. Many of them the bandits nailed down to the floor, doors and tables. They collected Holy Koran and made huge fires, where they threw mollahs alive lied by hands and feel. All this was taking place before the eyes of local Armenians who applauded to boastings and murders. Horrible it was the picture when a dashnak detachment surrounded the building at the entry to the Fortress, where there were about 2 thousand of the wounded and sick Azerbaijanis, Russians, Lezghins and Jews. By the order of Amazasp, whose right-hand man was Anastas Mikoyan, some persons poured much kerosene from the roof into windows and doors and another group set fire on the building turned into a large flaming bonfire from where heart-tearing cries were heard and the environs was filled with pungent, suffocating smell of burning human bodies».

According to another eye-witness, Baku citizen who watched this brutality from the roof of some remote building: «Through a large opening on the heap of dead bodies having already became charred I saw people who were crawling with wailing, they were battering, writhing with pain in awful sufferings. Then I saw nothing: a terrible vision disappeared in a whirlwind of smoke, spark and flame. The Armenian soldiers standing around this bonfire shot everybody who tried to escape. In Shemakha Amazasp and Stepan Lalayev committed atrocities. All the women, girls, children were outraged, dishonored, hung in the trees and smashed against stones. If some woman’s necklace could not be taken off, her head was cut off by the blow of a knife. To get earnings the ears were torn off and to take bracelets the girls’ hands were cut off and the girls were killed in their mother’s arms.»

So it has been executed V.I.Lenin’s decree «On the Turkish Armenia» and establishing of Soviet power in Armenia!

Meanwhile, the Russian officers and soldiers having seen themselves the Armenian’s brutality towards the Turkish population and being aware of their own responsibility began to leave the Caucasian front in mass.

Colonel Tverdokhlebov truthfully describes in his memoirs events of those days and you, reader, already know about it.

Butcher of the peoples Andranik, who was an outlaw by the Turkish government, at the meeting of the Armenian National Council on December 15, 1917 made a statement: «I think, if the front will fall to pieces like this, perhaps we should be reconciled with the Turks».

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