Karabakh in Western Media – 1992

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The Independent, 5 March 1992

“Refugees and fresh graves confirm massacre by Armenians – Azeris hunted down and shot in the forest.”

NY Times, front page, March 1992

“Evidence of a Massacre Emerges in Azerbaijan – New evidence emerged yesterday of a massacre of civilians by Armenian militants in Nagorno Karabakh.”

Newsweek, 1992

“…they were men, women & children of Khojaly, an Azerbaijani village in the war torn enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh overrun by Armenian forces on Feb 25-26. Many were killed at close range..some had their faces mutilated, others were scalped.”

The Irish Times, 1992

“Corpses scattered over killing fields of Nagorno-Karabakh – stiffened by death and cold, the mutilated corpses of Azeris mown down as they fled an Armenian offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh”

Time, 1992

“Something grim happened in Khojaly. Explanation by attacking Armenians, who insist no innocents were deliberately killed, is hardly convincing. Videotapes include images of disfigured civilians, some scalped, others shot through head. Armenians claim footage is fake.”

The Times, 2 March 1992

“Corpses litter hills in Karabakh – as we swooped low over the snow covered hills of Nagorno Karabakh we saw the scattered corpses”

“Karabakh survivors flee to mountains – Azerbaijani civilians fleeing Nagorno Karabakh have been wantonly killed by Armenian forces”

The Times, 3 March 1992

“Bodies mark site of Karabakh massacre.”

The Times, 14 March 1992

“Armenia chips away at last Azerbaijani bases in Karabakh – on every return to Agdam, Armenian bombardments have eroded the town a little further”

The Boston Globe, front page, 3 March 1992

“Armenian militants massacred men, women and children after forcing them from a town in Nagorno-Karabakh last week”

The Independent, 6 March 1992

“Armenians hold Azeris hostage”

The Washington Post, 28 February 1992

“Refugees fleeing the fighting in Khojaly, a town of 6,000… up to 500 people including women and children, were killed in the attack.”

The Independent, 12 June 1992

“Painful search for Khojali’s dead – the Azeris are compiling a grim inventory of massacre victims. Gruesome extent of February’s killing of Azeris by Armenians in the town of Khojali is at last emerging – 600 men, women and children dead.”

LA Times, 12 June 1992

“More than 600 Azerbaijanis, most of them civilians, were killed by Armenian forces during a bloody February engagement in Nagorno Karabakh town of Khojali”

LA Times, March 1992

Front Page. “Relatives weep over the grave of a man who was among those killed in Khojaly, the town in Nagorno-Karabakh region that was stormed by Armenian militants last week”

The Washington Post, 4 March 1992

“Survivors describe Armenian attack…it is clear that many people were killed in the assault, when #Armenian forces attacked the #Azerbaijani town…”

The Guardian, 3 March 1992

“Corpses attest to massacre by Armenians.”

The Sunday Times, front page, March 1992

“Armenian soldiers massacre hundreds of fleeing families. … shot and bayoneted more than 450 Azeris, many of them women and children, who were fleeing an attack on their town … possibly thousands missing and feared dead.”

The Sunday Times, May 1992

“Last Azeri fortress falls to Armenians – with the ink barely dry on the most recent ceasefire, Armenian forces supported by tanks and helicopter gunships have overrun the last Azeri settlement, [Shusha], in Nagorno-Karabakh”

The Guardian, 2 March 1992

“Survivors tell of killings by Armenians in Azerbaijan enclave – An Azeri refugee from the town of Khojali in Nagorno-Karabakh tears her face in grief. Her family was killed in a slaughter [carried out by Armenian forces].”

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