Karabakh in Western Media – 1993-1994

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The Guardian, September 1993

“Nowhere to hide for Azeri refugees. A new exodus of refugees is under way as Armenian forces continue ignoring United Nations demands that they stop their offensive. UN officials say at least 10,000 [Azeris] have been killed.”

The Guardian, April 1993

“Fleeing Azeris in trek ordeal – ragged, starving and frozen after a hazardous trek across snowbound mountains…they arrive at a rate of 900 a day after a 50 mile journey, fleeing an Armenian offensive in the west of Azerbaijan”

The New York Times, 7 April 1993

“US Rebukes Armenia on New Drive in Caucasus – for seizing territory of neighboring Azerbaijan. Secretary of State called on Yerevan to withdraw its forces immediately. Protest marked first time US publicly criticized one side in the conflict”

Boston Globe, 1993

“Brutal turn is seen for the Armenian forces”.

“What we see now is a systematic destruction of every village in [Armenian military’s] way,” said one senior US [State Department] official. “It’s one of the most disgusting things we’ve seen. It’s vandalism.”

The Independent, 7 April 1993

“40,000 [Azeris] flee Armenian tank offensive – Yerevan’s military strategy leads to an ‘annexation’ of neighbouring Azeri territory. [There is] no doubt about the impact of Armenia’s latest land-grab that left it in control of nearly 1/10 of Azerbaijan.”

The Independent, 10 September 1993

“Turkey and Russia united on Armenia…condemning [the] invasion of Azerbaijan. Russia changed its attitude this summer when Armenians from Karabakh started pushing beyond the enclave, taking 20% of [Azerbaijan’s] territory and creating a refugee crisis.”

The Independent, 22 September 1993

“Azeri refugees pray for peace and head home – brave few returning to villages pray that Armenians are ready for peace after five years of war in which 15,000 people have died. UN believes 800k-1mm Azeris have been driven from their homes”

The Independent, 3 November 1993

“Armenian offensive dashes Azeri peace hopes – hundreds of children drown while fleeing latest [Armenian] attacks, while swimming to safety across the Aras river. In Azeri towns and villages everything was on fire…”

LA Times, 1 November 1993

“Armenian troops pushing deeper into Azerbaijan burned a string of villages and captured [Zangilan], forcing tens of thousands across Aras river into Iran. Latest offensive brings the number of Azeris chased from their homes to 300,000”

The Guardian, March 1994

“Karabakh conflict puts thousands of Azeri refugees on a road to nowhere – 60,000 people live in tents, railway wagons and other shelters. Their plight is the most pitiful of the 1 million Azeris who lost their homes”

The Independent, July 1994

“Azeris square up to a loser’s peace – the extension of ceasefire leaves 20% of Azerbaijan under Armenian occupation and 1 millions Azeris displaced. They have nothing to console them but memories of defeat, lost homes, and dead relatives”

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