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karabakh Azerbaijani refugees, Kalbajar 1993 (1)

Policy of ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis

Policy of Ethnic cleansing committed by Armenian Republic and local Armenian extremists against Azerbaijanis living in Armenia as well as in Nagorno Karabakh  region of Azerbaijan including surrounded districts. #gallery-1 { margin:...
Deportation of Azerbaijanis as a result of ethnic cleansing policy carried out by official Armenian government

Mass human rights violation during the deportation of Azerbaijanis from Armenia as well as from Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenian military forces

The policy of genocide and «ethnic cleansing» that Armenia allegedly carried out in relation to Azerbaijani people was apparently reflected in active operations of Armenian separatists, since 1988, said to be supported by powerful Armenian...
Nagorno Karabakh conflict in photos | Azerbaijani people drvien out from their lands.

Refugees and internally displaced persons

Information about refugees forcedly expelled from Armenia and occupied territories 250 thousand Azerbaijanis who for centuries lived in the territory of Armenia , were totally expelled from the their native lands  and took shelter in Azerbaijan...