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Tortures over the captives

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The documents concerning prisoners of war, hostages and missed people from Azerbaijan prove that Armenia has followed a policy of purposeful genocide against the captives and hostages.

Hundreds of Azerbaijan citizens, including children, women and elderly persons suffered from the unbearable tortures in the Armenian captivity. Numerous facts show that the prisoners and hostages were subjected to a variety of brutal tortures. They were savagely beaten and intentionally turned into invalids, branded by the red-hot cross. Their nails and teeth were pulled out, the wounds were sprinkle with the salt, they were beat to the death by the rubber and iron bludgeons, the benzene was poured in their veins.

 Below shows a part of these facts:

  • Armenian “doctors” extracted humerus of 3 years captive Shovgi Hagani Aliyev (24.07.1993) and as a result of it Shovgi became a life-long invalid.
  • During the occupation of Kelbajar region the Armenian “doctor” Aida Serobyan gave the newborn son of Guljamal Guliyeva Arzu Hajiyev an unknown injection. As a result, he became a life-long invalid.
  • Babek Ilyasov was only 7 years old when Armenians brutally shot his mother Afet Virzayeva and grandfather Aslan Mirzayev. The right eye of Babek was wounded by the splinters, but not despite of this the Armenians took him hostage and only 4 months later without any medical treatment he was liberated together with the other fellow-villages. At present Babek is blind of one eye.
  • Before the eyes of 15 years old hostage Nazaket Mamedova her father beared brutality tortures, his ears were cut, her mother didn’t stand threat and blackmail and went off her head, the daughter herself was sold to the family for 4 million Russian rubles.
  • During taking hostage Zamina Goyush gizi Dadashova was wounded in the arm and for lack of medical treatment the wound festered and putrefaction process spread round the whole body. At present the left arm of Amina isn’t work. During taking hostage the Armenians shot dead her father Goyush Dadashov and old grandmother.
  • Armenians jailers subjected to brutality tortures the hostage taken from Agdam region Keklik Hasanova, they pulled out 16 of her teeth by the pliers.
  • Old woman Shargiya Rza gizi Shiriniva taken hostage by the Armenians during the occupation of Agdam region was pulled out 8 gold teeth by the pliers. During 6 months she was subjected to tortures.
  • 65 years old Binish gizi Mamedova and 69 years old Sara Mirish gizi Ismayilova were taken prisoner and kept in Hankendi military unit. Here during the whole day they were used for the heavy physical work and in the evening they were beat with particular brutality. Keeping with them women named Shakhsanam and Asli didn’t endure such savage tortures and died in the captivity.
  • The former inhabitant of Agdam region, Russian nationality subjected to tortures in the Armenian captivity Vladimir Ivanivich Shevelov told that during the occupation of Agdam region in 1994 his mother 89 years old Vera Davidovna and aged sister Svetlana Ivanovna, and 58 years old sick brother Anatoliy Ivanovich were brutality killed and burnt, he also saw numerous dead bodies of women and children. Besides it Vladimir Shevelyov says that during the Armenians occupation of Agdam region they took hostage 7 mental patients from the local mental hospital, including two sick women. One of them was liberated, another was died because of constant beating, and the fates of other people are unknown untill now.
  • Born in 1930 the residence of Agdam region Ali Rasul oglu Abbasov was subjected to continuous beating, his body was cauterized by cigarette. Not recovered from the received morale and physical tortures he died after his returning from the captivity short time later.
  • The Armenians militaries beat Mirvat Fatish oglu Dadashev taken prisoner from Fizuli region, cut his ear, tied his hands with the wire, hung under the tree and made a fire under his legs.
  • Prisoners of war – Novruz Magommed oglu Dashdamirov, Natig Javanshir oglu Garayev as a result of continuous beating, cauterization of the bodies with the different burning-hot things, hammering the nails into the head became insane persons.
  • Prisoner of war Murshudov Sedraddin Aslan oglu after the beating was forced to swallow the glass’s pieces.
  • Taken hostage being wound was suffered from the different torture. He was beat by the rubber bludgeon, the benzene was poured into his veins, the skin from his wound was stripped off.
  • The diesel oil was poured into the veins of Mayil Magommedli oglu Mammedov, his chest was branded by the red-hot cross.
  • As a result of the brutality beating the jaw and the edge of prisoner of war Javid Aga oglu Huseynov were broken. The Armenians with the piece of iron cauterized his arm and poured acidity into the wound.

The State Commission on prisoners of war,
hostages and missing persons

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