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Jabrayil district

Geographical situation
The region is situated on the south-east of the Greater Caucasus. The region borders on the Iran Islamic Republic in the south, in the south-west on Zengilan in the west on Gubadli, in the north on Khodjavend regions.
The territory is mainly mountainous. The territory near the Araz river is very good for agriculture.

 Economic characteristics

Before the occupation the basis of the economy of the region was agriculture specialised in cattle breding, vine growing, There were 5 vine processing plants and 8 industrial objects.

 Socio-economical conclusions of the occupation of Azerbaijan regions by armenian military forces
 23 August 1993

Territory – 1050 sq.km
number of families – 14112
number of population – 57125 persons
female – 30277 persons
children – 22850 persons
number of murders – 353 persons
number of handicaps – 368 persons
number of orphans – 218 persons


 villages and settlements – 96

dwelling houses – 9242
industrial and construction establishements – 17
service establishments – 383
schools – 114
health care centers – 17
cultural establishments – 138
farms – 44

The famous Khudaferin bridges across the Araz river that are located between Kumlah and Khudaferin settlements could be served as symbol of Djabrayil. These distinguished bridges are the ancient architectural monuments and unworthy evidences of our historical past. There are also a lot of other archeological and architectural monuments on the territory of the district.
The round and eight-corner tower of the Khudayarli village and mausoleum of Shikhlar village attract the attention of the scientists.
The territory of the district was occupied by the armenian military troops in 1993. Even the famous bridges could not save the women, children and oldmen of Djabrayil during the military operations. They had to save their lives crossing the Araz river. And there were not many people who managed to rescue.
The people of Azerbaijan will always keep the memory about the terrible tragedies and the cruel slaughter of innocent residents of the region.

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