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20 years passed since military occupation of Lachin town by Armenian armed forces

Today Azerbaijan marks the 20th anniversary of the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Lachin region by Armenia. On May 18, 1992, the Armenian occupiers destroyed hundreds of cultural facilities, tens of settlements, villages and historical monuments....

Lachin district

The word “Lachin” means “falcon”. You can see falcons flying on the summits of the mountains surrounding Lachin. The majestic birds add the particular beauty to these places of the rich ancient culture. If you go to the...
Consequenses of Armenian military aggression against Azerbaijan, Karabakh - Shusha

Armenian misconduct in the occupied territories

The conversations with Azerbaijan citizens, returned from the Armenian captivity, in the State Commission on prisoners of war, hostages and missings revealed that vandalism acts were committed by Armenians in the occupied Nagorny Karabakh and...