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Nagorno Karabakh conflict and mass human rights violation (part 2)

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A number of Russian and western newspapers and magazines wrote about crimes of Armenian aggressors from the 1-th till the 16-th of March 1992. Among them are: «Sunday Times», «Times», «Guardian», «Financial Times», «Le Monde», «Le Croix», «Valeurs Actuels», «Corriera della Serra», «Time», «Newsweek», «Izvestiya», «Pravda», «Nezavisimuva gazeta», etc.

On March 31, 1993, when Armenian troops were taking the city of Kelbajar, 11 persons, trying to break away from town, were captured as hostages. 7 women were among them, 4 of them were wounded. Karimova Samaya who was born in 1967, committed suicide, since she couldn’t bear the outrage. Her 2-year-old daughter left after her, was bought back for 1,5 mln. roubles. But the child, who had the head injury after she spent 4 months in prison, lost its eyesight. As for the others, there’s no news about them. According to our information, they are kept in the city of Khankendi. On July 2, 1993, the family of Nuriyev, the inhabitants of Fizuli, (19 persons on the whole), was taken into hostage.

Among them are: 8 women, 2 of them are of old age and 7 children. On the part of International Read Cross Committee, 47 people, kept in Khankendi, were discovered. Among them are: 8 women, 7 persons of old age and 10 children, also 10-month-old child Ilyasov Babek, helped out later of the Armenian captivity with the help of IRCC. According to medical expertise, he wasn’t rendered help in captivity after getting severe shellburst shrapnel eye wound, as a result of that it’s impossible now to preserve the child’s eyesight.

In the, time of seizure of Aghdam by the Armenian troops, passenger-car, with help of which, the family of Aliyev, including 6 persons, trying to get away from the town was fired on. Among them were 2 women; one of them is of old age, old man and 2 children – 2 and 3 years old. The old man and the child were killed while they were under the fire. The rest of them got the wounds of different degree. Aliyev Shovghi, the 3-year-old boy, got the shoulder trauma. After medical interference of Armenian doctors in Khankendi the boys shoulder middle third was extracted. Later on, with the efforts of IRCC, his badly wounded mother and grandmother were returned to their land. According to the results of medical investigation in Baku, doctors said that there was no necessity in extracting his bone and his wound didn’t need such medical actions. According to the opinion of specialists, such gunshot wounds don’t require extraction of large fragments that are bones of growth zone.

In a majority of world press publications, concerning the transplantation of human organs, Armenia is the principal supplier of this kind of «goods». One can’t help mentioning the fact that this child has become a victim of a criminal business. It’s wrong to except that this kind of business is one of the principal reason for taking the hostages in a mass order on occupied Azerbaijanian lands. Numerous facts point to the use of the Azerbaijani captives. According to the brief extract from the case history of Mamedov Mayil, born in October 4, 1971, he was taken by the Armenian combatants into captivity in the district of Khankendi and imprisoned, where he had tried systematic derisions, was beaten with the gun and the hammer, the result of it was fracture of left foot bones, left forearm bones and shoulder bones. On October 7, 1992 he was put a scorching metal cross on the chest. In February, 1993 he was intravenously injected violently some kind of fluid, after that the symptoms of allergy appeared on his body.

Mamedov Mayil was set free on May 9, 1993 in exchange with Armenian captive combatant.

According to medical conclusion, Mamedov Abdulazim, 27-year-old, was wounded in the left leg and was taken in Armenian combatant’s captivity. Besides, he had gunshot punctured wound of left shank tissues and numerous shrapnel injures. According to Mamedov’s words, after one-hour interrogation, he and 8 soldiers of National Army, taken in captivity with him, began to be beaten with rubber cudgel on the head, back, hands and then they made an injection in the neck with some kind of medicine, and after it he was imprisoned.

Since then he was daily dragged out on the yard and was beaten with the soldier boots’ heels on the head and with rubber cudgels. Once, having tired his wound, they drew the bloody cross on his forehead. Under the temperature below zero he was doused with cold water in his cell, on New Year day. Also took place the facts of hounding of the watchdogs on him, after that numerous scratches, abrasions and bites left its traces on his body. They almost didn’t give him any food and made him injections with drugs daily, and he fainted momentarily.

According to Mamedov’s words, before the captivity his weight was 79 kilos, and after the release – 55 kilos. But majority of the captives are exterminated physically. According to the conclusions of forensic medical expertise, the following injures are found on the corpse of Atakishiyev F. R.:

a) pressed fracture of the coronal bone, internal fracture of both the forearm and shank bones, fractures of nose bones, traumatic extraction of the incisive of the both jaws, 61 internal bruises of the head, trunk and extremities;

b) stab punctured stomach wound with the internal organs’ injures, 8 dotted wounds (i.e. traces of injections) of the backside of the neck and left hand injures;

c) 2 punctured gunshot wounds of thigh.

The injures, indicated in (a) group, are made with blunt tools. The wounds of hand and forearm might have appeared because of dogs’ bites.

The injures, numerated in (b) group, are made with prickly tools and those in the (c) group-with the firearms shots.

In the war that was imposed on Azerbaijan, had already died 9 representatives of mass media. 4 of them are: Osman Mirzayev, Press Secretary of President of the Azerbaijani Republic, Ali Mustafayev – TV journalist, Fakhraddin Shahbazov – TV cameraman, Arif Huseyn-zadeh – the cameraman’s assistant, had died in an air catastrophe of Armenian terrorists’ rocket.

Armenian snipers killed five journalists. They are:

Chingiz Mustafayev, TV cameraman (national hero, posthumously) (Azerbaijan)

Salatin Askerova, the reporter of a newspaper «Molodezh Azerbaijana» (Azerbaijan)

Leonid Lazarevitch, the special correspondent of «Mayak» radio station (Russia)

Valery Dementyev, the editor of a newspaper «Milostivye gosudari» (Russia)

Kazimaga Karimov, the journalist (Azerbaijan)

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