Armenian Terrorist Organisations

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The names of Armenian terrorist organisations, which committed bloody acts in different parts of the world are as follows:

Armenikan Party

The Armenikan Party was established in 1885, organized armed conflicts and terrorist acts in Istanbul and the Van, Mush, Bitlis, Trabzon regions, Turkey, cooperated with Armenians of Iran and Russia.

Hnchak Party

The Hnchak Party was founded in Geneva in 1887. Its main purpose is to unify the Anadolu region, Turkey, the territories called “Russian” and “Iranian” Armenias by them and establish “Great Armenia”. The 4th point of its program says that propaganda, agitation, terrorism methods should be chosen in order to achieve purpose put by.

Dashnaksyutun Armenian Federative Revolution Party

The Dashnaksyutun Armenian Federative Revolution Party was founded in Tbilisi in 1890. The goal of this party is to create “Great Armenia” in Nagorny Karabakh, Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan and Anadolu, Turkey. The Dashnaksyutun Party, held its first congress in Tbilisi in 1890, made the decision on organization acts against Turks. It gave the order “to kill Turk, Kurd and Armenian traitors who broke their word, avenge everywhere, in any situation!” There are some terrorist groups, founded by the Dashnaksyutun Party: The Avengers of Armenian Genocide group, commenced activity in 1973, murdered Turkish diplomats in Austria, Denmark and Portugal in 1980-1982s; The DRO secret terrorist group and its divisions: DRO-8, DRO-88, DRO-888, DRO-8888. The Dashnaks’s activity in this direction is still continuing.

Armenian Secret Liberation Army (ASOA)

The Armenian Secret Liberation Army (ASOA) was founded in Beirut in 1975. Its headquarters located in Damask and has more than thousand fighters, trained in the Palestinian bases. The organization carried out terrorist acts, leading to death of 19 Turkish diplomats in different states of the world, during its first 6 years activity.

Armenian Secret Army for Liberty of Armenia (ASALA)

The Armenian Secret Army for Liberty of Armenia (ASALA): the headquarters of the organization, founded in 1975, located in Beirut, while training bases in Syria. The purpose of this organization is to establish “Great Armenia” in Eastern Turkey, Northern Iran and in the southwestern territories of Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan and Nagorny Karabakh). The ASALA mainly carried out terrorist acts against citizens of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Akop Akopian, the leader of the ASALA, was one of the main persons, taken active part in cooperation of the organization with the terrorist groups like Abu Nidal, Black September. A.Akopian, undertaken responsibility of Turkish ambassador in Athena in 1980, said in interview, given to “New-York Times” on 01.08.1980: “Our enemies are the Turkish regime, NATO and Armenians who do not cooperate with us”.

The ASALA agreed with the PKK concerning joint terrorist acts in April of 1980 and made this intention official in Lebanon. The ASALA announced that it would not allow implementation of the “Turkish oil pipeline” project (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) in the declaration, sounded in Beirut on 28.08.1993.


The Geqaron was founded by the ASALA in February, 2001 and aimed to committing of terrorist acts against political leaders, diplomats and businessmen of Turkish origin in the territory of the South Caucasus and Central Asia.

Armenian Liberation Movement (AOD)

The Armenian Liberation Movement (AOD) was founded in France in 1991 and committed terrorist activity in cooperation with the ASALA.

Armenian Liberation Front

The Armenian Liberation Front is integral part of the ASALA, founded in 1979 and trained terrorists against Azerbaijan.

Orli Group

The Orli Group was established by Armenian youth from France in 1981. The organization committed more than 10 terrorist acts in different airports of the world until 1987.

Armenian Genocide Justice Commandoes

The Armenian Genocide Justice Commandoes was founded in Vena during the congress of the Dashnaksyutun Party in 1972. Their goal is to assemble the Lebanon citizens of Armenian origin, organize bloody terrorist acts against Turkish and Azerbaijanis.

Armenian Union

The Armenian Union was established in Moscow in 1988 and maintains close relation with the ASALA. It provided the ASALA with forged passports to carry out terrorist activity in the former soviet territory and participated in conveying of arms and mercenaries to Nagorny Karabakh.

Democratic Front

The Democratic Front operates in the USA, Canada and Western Europe. Its goal is to collapse Turkish state.


Apostle was founded by the Armenian Defence Union, consisted of the Armenia, Syria and Lebanon citizens on April 29, 2001. The goal of the organization is to commit terrorist acts in the territories of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Source: Ministry of National Security

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