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Republic of Armenia – Terrorism as a Part of State Policy

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The Republic of Armenia, along with conducting the policy of ethnic clearance and genocide on the Azerbaijan territories which have been occupied, also realized several terrorist actions against peaceful population on the distance for hundreds kilometers from a line of front. As a result hundreds people have been killed and wounded.

During the investigation and the trial it was completely proofed that all actions were organised and accomplished by Armenian Security Service, Armenian terrorist organisations and group of separatists associated with them.

The obtained materials witnesses about supporting of terrorism on the state level and use for that individuals from prisoners of war and hostages, citizens of third countries and members of national minorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

16 September 1989
The passenger bus following by route Tbilisi-Baku was exploded. 5 persons were killed, 25 were wounded.

10 August 1990
The passenger bus following by route “Tbilisi-Agdam” was exploded. 20 persons were killed, 30 were wounded.

Comments: The executors of the crime, A.Avanesyan and M.Tatevosyan, were arrested. During the investigation it was found out that this group was planning to blast the passenger bus “Agdam-Tbilisi” in 17 July 1991, but only their detaining prevented them to fulfil plan.

30 May 1991
Near to the Hasavyurd railway station of the Republic of Dagestan of Russian Federation was exploded the passenger train “Moscow-Baku”, as a result 11 persons were killed, 22 persons were wounded.

31 July 1991
Near to the Temirtau railway station of the Republic of Dagestan the passenger train “Moscow-Baku” was exploded, 16 persons were killed, 20 were wounded.

8 January 1992
The passenger ferry “Krasnovodsk-Baku” was exploded, 25 persons were killed, 88 wounded.

28 February 1992
On the territory of North Caucasus of Russia near to the Gudermes railway station the passenger train “Kislovodsk-Baku” was exploded, 11 persons were killed, 18 persons were wounded.

2 June 1993
The passenger carriage on the railway station in Baku was exploded.

Comments: The executor of explosion, citizen of Russia Igor Khatkovski, was detained in Baku and during the investigation he confessed that he had been recruited by the chief of intelligence department of the Ministry of the National Security of Armenia colonel Gan Ohanesyan and had been posted to Azerbaijan in order to organize several explosions with numerous victims. As a result of joint operations of the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan Republic and Federal Counter-intelligence Service of Russian Federation Gan Ohanesyan, his deputy major Ashot Gdloyan, the officer of Federal Counter-intelligence Service of Russia major Boris Simonyan were arrested in Moscow on May 13th, 1994. The investigation confirmed that this group is involved in organising several explosions of the passenger trains in 1991-1994, as a result of which 47 persons have been killed, 83 were wounded.

1 February 1994
A terrorist action was organized in the passenger train “Kislovodsk-Baku” at the railway station in Baku. As a result 3 persons have been killed, 20 were wounded.

9 February 1994
Cargo carriage was exploded at the railway station of Khudad.

19 March 1994
As a result of explosion at the Baku subway station “20 January” 14 persons were killed, 49 were wounded.

Comments:  As it was found out, this terrorist action was prepared by Armenian Intelligence and fulfilled by members of the “Sadval” separatist organization. During the investigation and trial it was proofed hat in the beginning of 1992 the Security Services of Republic of Armenia established secret relations with the “Sadval” organisation and organised their financing directed against Azerbaijan. In 1992, a large number of weapons and explosives by helicopters have been sent from Armenia to Dagestan, which then was distributed on the north territories of Azerbaijan to activists of the organization “Sadval”. In 1992-1993 Armenian intelligence founded several secret training bases on the territory of Armenia and Dagestan. More than 100 members of “Sadval” have received a special training under the supervision of Armenian militants. 30 persons from that group were charged in connection with explosion of Baku subway station “20 January”.

13 April 1994
near to the station “Dagestanskie Ogni” in Dagestan Republic passenger train “Moscow-Baku” was exploded, 6 persons were killed, 3 wounded.

3 July 1994
between the stations of “28 may” and “Genjlik” in Baku subway the electric train was exploded, 14 were killed, 54 got a different kind of wounds.

Comments: The terrorist act was carried out by citizen of Azerbaijan, ethic lezgin Aslanov Azer Salman. During the war in Karabakh A.Aslanov was captured and later recruited by Armenian special services. During the investigation and the trial it was confirmed that one of the ideologists of Armenian extremism and separatism – the publicist Zori Balayan and the leader of the separatists of Nagorni Karabakh, currently President of Armenian Republic Robert Kocharyan participated in the process of the “ideological support” of Aslanov’s training.

The cease-fire reached in May, 1994, and also the measures have undertaken by the Azerbaijani side, have in fact caused simultaneous cessation of fire in the zone of conflict and terrorist activity of the Republic of Armenia in the rear regions of Azerbaijan. All that once again proofs that direct military aggression and terrorism against peaceful population and civil objects are the elements of common State policy of the Republic of Armenia regarding the Republic of Azerbaijan. The artificial retardation by Armenian side of the process of peaceful resolution of conflict, shows that in of deterioratingof tension the situation in the region the tactics of terrorism against peaceful population could be reclaimed by Republic of Armenia? as a component of State policy.

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