2:46 am - Saturday September 26, 2020

Lachin district

The word “Lachin” means “falcon”. You can see falcons flying on the summits of the mountains surrounding Lachin. The majestic birds add the particular beauty to these places of the rich ancient culture. If you go to the Kosalar settlement you’ll find there the wonderful temple “Agh-oglan”, which is the embodiment of the many preislamic beliefs, even the unique cult of birds. There are two mausoleums here – the mausoleum of Malik Ajdar and the mausoleum Kargumbez in the Djidjimli settlement. According the legend one teacher and his apprentice mausoleum constructed the mausoleums. The mausoleum of the apprentice was better and the teacher damned it. So it was called Kargumbez – “deaf cupola”. There is not echo in the mausoleum.

The 18th of may 1992 armenian military troops occupied Lachin and its people became the refugees. The international community did not listen to their calls to stop agressors. The agression caused the damage of more than 1,5 milliard dollars. This is the material damage. And what about the tears and sufferings of innocent children and mothers?

 Socio-economical conclusions of the occupation of Azerbaijan regions by armenian military forces

 territory Р1835 sq.km

number of families – 14095
number of population – 61763 persons
female – 31278 persons
children – 24705 persons
number of murders – 324 persons
number of handicaps – 1125 persons
number of orphans – 1200 persons


villages and settlements – 120
dwelling houses – 8949
industrial and construction establishements – 7
service establishments – 471
schools – 154
health care centers – 30
cultural establishments – 360
farms – 40
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