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The Analysis of possible variants of political solution of the Karabakh Conflict

Since 1988, that is, since the beginning of the Karabakh events the interested parties (states, international organizations) as well as individuals (statesmen, political scientists) and many public and political organizations have put forward...

The potential of natural resources in the occupied territories

Nagorny Karabakh and adjacent administrative regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan – Lachin, Kelbajar, Gubadli, Zangilan, Jebrayil, Agdam (regional center and a large part of the territory) and Fizuli (regional center and a large part...

Socio-psychological and economical damages to the population of Azerbaijan as a result of Armenian

The entire Azeri population of 250,000 was forced to leave 22 regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and set their hopes on Azerbaijan at the first stages of the conflict in 1988-1989. aafa tested

Ecological problems in the occupied lands

The absence of information about the current ecological situation in the occupied lands creates great obstacles.

Damages to agriculture of the region

The occupied areas of Nagorny Karabakh represented a large agricultural region within Azerbaijan. Suitable intermountain and foothill plains, plateaus and the occupied parts of the Minor Caucasus create the favorable conditions for development...
Consequenses of Armenian military aggression against Azerbaijan, Karabakh - Shusha

Armenian misconduct in the occupied territories

The conversations with Azerbaijan citizens, returned from the Armenian captivity, in the State Commission on prisoners of war, hostages and missings revealed that vandalism acts were committed by Armenians in the occupied Nagorny Karabakh and...

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: origins and consequences

It is already 16 years that the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been continuing with all its negative consequences, although the active military phase was over with the declaration of a cease-fire in 1994. Despite the enormous efforts...